Current High-Speed, State-of-the-Art Capacities

Being a leader in contract manufacturing, Elite One Source® has the capability to produce virtually any form of tablet and capsule nutritional supplement you require. Elite One Source advanced high-speed, automated equipment allows us to produce superior quality products quickly and cost effectively.

Combining advanced technology with our experience and expertise provides you with fast lead times for products that are effective, innovative and cost competitive.

We are able to respond quickly for all your contract manufacturing needs. At Elite One Source, we specialize in turnkey manufacturing solutions from concept to launch. When you need us to properly duplicate an existing product, we can. We know what it takes to keep you satisfied.


Timed Release, Multi-Layer, Sublingual, Chewable,
Enteric Coated, Virtually Any Shape or Size


#4 to #00, Clear or Colored Gelatin, Vegetarian,
Timed Release, Imprinted


Aqueous, Film Coating, Custom & Natural Colors, Enteric Coating

Special Dietary Needs

Organic, Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Allergy Free, Vegetarian