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  • Are you GMP certified?

    Yes, Elite One Source® is in full compliance with the new U.S. FDA regulation 21CFR, Part III. All of our processes and systems are cGMP certified by NSF (since 2009) and certified by SGS (since 2002). We are also certified as organic processors by QCS (since 2003). All of our production facilities meet or exceed U.S. FDA criteria.

  • What are your R&D capabilities?

    Our strong R&D staff can assist you with raw material sourcing, product formulation, answering your technical questions, offering a professional opinion, and creating products that meet or exceed your targeted criteria.

  • What are Elite One Source®’s lead times?

    Lead times are subject to material supply and production load. In general, we would suggest 12-16 weeks of lead time on the first batch run (new products) and 8-10 weeks for reorders.

  • How long does it take to get a price quote?

    In most cases, we can provide you with a price quote for either packaged or bulk product in 1 week.

  • What documentation does Elite One Source® provide?

    We can provide Certificate of Analysis, product specifications, copy of our GMP certificate, and other available documents upon your request. We can also support you on the application of export documentation including Free Sale Certificate, Export Certificate, Manufacture Certificate, product and site registration.

  • Do you provide labels?

    Customers generally provide product labels based on your own marketing needs and interest. Our R&D team is available to provide consultation to ensure that the label contents meet all requirements. We can provide you or your assigned print shop with label dimensions, requirements and specifications.

  • What are your specialties?

    We are a premier, full-scale contract manufacturer of tablets and capsules for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals. We offer a full range of manufacturing services including blending, tableting, timed-release formulation, bilayer tablets, various types of tablet coatings, two-piece, hard-shell encapsulation, blister cards and any type of and tablet and capsule packaging. We also offer enteric coating on tablets and capsules.